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Growing an Idea

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Today I'm really excited because we get to open the doors on a new creative endeavour.

A little over three years ago I was sitting on a train in Copenhagen watching the stations tick by on the glowing red journey indicator. Maybe it was late at night, and maybe my friend Jakob had agreed to a few too many Carlsbergs, but I remember what a fun idea it seemed to translate those station names from Danish into English and make a poster.

It seemed unlikely then that anyone would want to buy such an outrageous product, and I remember hoping to break-even so I could chalk the whole thing up to a fun experience!

Now three years and more than seven-hundred happy customers later, I'm still astounded by the warm reception and laughs that the Copenhagen S-Train map in English receives.

Where do we go from here? Armed with a boat-load of international friends and a marketable idea, the obvious answer seems to be: the world!

So today I'm excited to announce the launch of MetroMash - a new shop and brand under which we can offer similarly translated maps from many new locations.

For starters we're happy to offer a new selection of Scandinavian cities: Stockholm and Oslo, as well as Copenhagen. We've plenty more in the pipeline and we're working hard to release additional cities as soon as possible.

As always, thanks for your support!

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