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Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly will I get my order?

We aim to ship everything within five days, and deliver within seven in Denmark, and nine to the rest of Europe. Sometimes, especially during Christmas, it might take a little longer because we have so many orders. We ship as quickly as we can, and most people receive their orders much faster than the above. 

What's the quality of the print like?

Really awesome! One of the things we knew from the beginning was that the print quality had to be excellent. Nothing's better than getting a weighty piece of art in the mail and enjoying that new-print feeling. We use 250gsm silk matte paper that's been mixed with chalk, which if we had to invent a term would probably be "cardish". In other words it's really durable and heavy-duty and makes that pleasing "FWOMP FWOMP" sound when you wobble it. I know you know what we mean. We use vibrant pearlescent inks in our offset-printing process for colours that shimmer and reflect the daylight beautifully. 

What frame should I get?

We designed this poster specifically to fit the IKEA "RIBBA" series of frames, since these are commonly available to all our Scandinavian friends. Search for item number 502.688.74 on the IKEA website. 
If you want to make your own cut-outs, the printed area of the A2 posters is 380x480mm.

Why isn't København translated as "Buy-a-Harbour"?

Because Buy-a-Harbour looks fucking awful and we have standards. Besides, København has already had a well-known English translation for hundreds of years: Copenhagen! 



I think you translated something else unright!

We're only human and misteaks happen. Our maps improve all the time with the help of suggestions from you. Please let us know if you have an idea for a better translation!